Start Up Consulting Service

“The way to get started is quit talking and start doing”. The thoughts of starting up your own venture sometimes can make your blood run cold. It might be due to the finances and expenses involved in it. Venturing into our own start-up is akin to running a car on a road full of speed breakers. With a ranking of 155th on the ease of starting a business in India, there aren't just speed breakers here, but the road is also graced with potholes and broken pavements.

Financing the business has been the biggest speed breaker for entrepreneurs looking to establish their businesses in India. Sometimes they get too involved in branding, products and pricing that financial planning is left behind the curtain. The most challenging task before venturing into a Start-up capital is usually seeking capital from private/angel investors. Other than that, the most common problems faced by new entrepreneurs in India regarding money generating sources are:

  • Confronting the weak venture in India.
  • No access to the equities market.
  • Estimating the overwhelming amount of investment in a new sector.
  • Confronting the weak venture in India.
  • Government and private sector investors are not available for all forms of businesses.
  • Lack of trust: Angle investors fear that the entrepreneurs will run away with their money.
That's where we can extend our hand towards a long-term solution to repave your road. Our start-up consulting services include guidance on achieving the seed capital, angel funding, venture capital from reliable investors. We formulate your project proposal with guidance on how to improve your sales. Are these terms mind boggling and confusing? In simple terms, here's what we have to offer:

  • We make your Project Proposal. A project proposal comprises of everything, from the idea of business to the complete layout of the work plan, risk assessments, project communication strategy, evaluations, management structure, investment memorandums and project budget with CMA data.

CMA data includes the current and projected financial statements of the company that is analysed by the investors for decision-making. A strong proposal plan is essential to request the funds for your project.

  • Financial forecasting Services: When your business is at an early stage, we ensure that you are equipped to succeed from the beginning. We are deeply connected with the equity market that trade with young businesses in India. The cash required to set up your business is known as Seed Capital or Angel Funding. Our consulting services assist you in selecting the appropriate angel investor and negotiating the best deal for preserving your equity.

  • After taking off your business from the ground, we guide you in expanding your business, by organizing a meeting with the most reliable venture capitalist in the market. Venture Capital is the fund needed to start a bigger business. If you are looking into expanding, buying-into, buying-out of a business or revitalize it, we work as your backbone.

  • Guidance for growing your business by improving sales and implementing market strategies.

  • Manage your project from the very beginning to the culmination.
You must be wondering that why are we playing the role of angels here. The motive behind our services is to nurture expansion and development. Our only motto is, “to make you realise that sky is the limit”.

We have worked with many start-ups and young businesses with an aim to direct them to achieve the right mix of funding. Our approach is an eccentric combination of market strategies with corporate finance. To take advantage of our services, contact us at: