Joint venture

We offer end-to-end consulting services for setting up joint ventures with partners in India. Our services range from analyzing your proposal and business documents to advising you on various legal and taxation issues.

We not only help you find the right tie-ups in India, but also support you in all your joint venture documentation when you deal with a business partner. We make sure to help you in negotiations with partners, as well as in fulfilling all government approvals.

In addition, our joint venture services include the development of the right method for partnerships.

We assist you at every step of complying with the statutory requirements from Indian government and RBI in order to gain approval for your business partnerships.

We help you develop the required commercial understanding with your joint venture partner. Apart from this, we make efforts to smoothen the communication process between you and your business partner.

We organize meetings and help you finalize the structure of your company. Additionally, we guide you on the implied legal and financial issues.