We specialize in delivering consulting services and business setup and management solutions in several industry areas.


We offer special expertise to our engineering industry clients for designing and planning tasks. As the focus of this industry is on increasing the productivity, we also make sure to focus on improving the efficiency of engineering businesses by delivering high-quality design and technical assistance.

Construction equipment's

We not only advise the owners of construction equipment businesses regarding relevant laws and regulations in this area, but also handle their legal, taxation and human resource issues. We further provide technical help with design and procurement. We target to improve the equipment quality and performance.


The automobile industry requires adapting to the changing automotive technologies and services scenario. This is what we guide them on while helping them to adapt at an accelerated pace. We save their time and efforts by making them aware of the right business strategies to deploy.

Infrastructure & urban development

When it is about infrastructure development, we are concerned with varied aspects like transportation, urban facilities, construction, etc. Since there are various operations involved in the infrastructure and urban development industry, we ensure to concentrate on improving the operational efficiency of businesses in this area.


We not only offer the right market intelligence to textile business owners, but also help them with setting up their base in this competitive industry. We guide them to improve the efficiency of their workforce, as well as to set up their manufacturing units according to applicable industrial regulations.

Ceramic and glass

Our consulting services for the ceramic and glass industry focus on optimized manufacturing processes. We also help these businesses in complying with the governmental laws and rules regarding ceramic and glass products’ manufacturing. Additionally, we support businesses in managing all their operations.

Food processing

This industry requires focusing on capital-intensive manufacturing. Thus, we advise them on the right practices and operations to follow for achieving their targets at minimal costs. We also help them in improving the quality of their products and in facing the challenges with their existing processes.

Fast food

The fast food industry constantly needs to handle changes in processes and technologies. Thus, we guide these businesses to manage change and improve their performance and product quality. We also help them in complying with the regulations and standards applicable on fast food businesses.


In the energy industry, we provide consultation regarding the safety standards to be followed and the sustainability levels to be achieved. While energy businesses need to be profitable, they also require being safe for the environment. Thus, we help them in following international efficiency standards while operating cost-effectively.

Agriculture machinery

It is very important that the agriculture machinery industry maintains high quality standards and operates efficiently. Thus, we help these businesses in improving their operations and the usefulness of their products. We also help them with financial, legal, manufacturing and quality compliance issues.