India subsidiary management

If you are ready to set up your business operations in India, then we are also ready to provide complete support to you in doing that. At Emarketz India, we strive to make the complex procedure of managing an India subsidiary as simple as possible.

To set up your base in India, you might require professional help. Our consultants are highly experienced and efficient at delivering such support. They not only find a suitable property and location according to your needs, but also take care of your joint ventures, in case you do not want to operate a wholly owned subsidiary.

We ensure that you are made aware of all FDI policy rules and regulations in India. This may help you in taking the right decisions regarding your subsidiary setup and management.

Further, we take care of your subsidiary’s registration process while handling all legal and taxation formalities. We also manage all kinds of government approvals required to operate your subsidiary.

Thus, you may leave all your worries about feasibility checks and corporate governance to us.