India liaison office management

To tap a variety of business opportunities in your relevant target markets, it is very essential to set up and run a liaison office in India. If you also feel the need to do so, then we are present to assist you at every stage of your liaison office setup and management.

We have a team of trained consultants and other specialists to help you run an effective liaison office that can become a marketing channel for delivering the required business information to your main office. This makes you develop your business and approach various prospective clients across India.

Our legal professionals handle all approval formalities that include gaining authority’s permission. They also ensure to deal with varied types of industrial regulations that need an intricate study of your project, as well as industrial laws.

We further support you in planning your strategies and advise you on sales and marketing channels for promotional purposes. We also help in recruiting suitable business representatives for your liaison office in India so your entire operations may be run smoothly.